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Harry Potter Manips
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Photos Manipulations (manips) related to the Harry Potter Fandom.
W e l c o m e
Hi, welcome to hp_manips :)
Well, obviously this is a community for people who likes to make manips to be able to post them in one community! Doesn't matter if it's a couple/ship, a character or friendships. As long as it is a manip YOU MADE, you can post it! Before you post, please read the rules below and then begin posting! If you have any questions, feel free to ask a Mod.

» Known Websites That Steals Manips and what you can do about it. It's also the place to tell us if you find another site or members that steals manips.
R u l e s
If you violate any rule, you will be reminded about it. If you do not edit your post, it will be deleted.
- All manips must be made BY YOURSELF!
- Manips are not GRAPHICS. Those are totally different! Text is not allowed, unless you add the textless version, but adding your username on it is fine. Text on "Movie Poster" manips are OK. Some exemples of Good and Bad Manips to post here.
- Only post manips that relate to Harry Potter, using pics from the HP cast in or out of character. It can be: ships, friendships and characters.
- You cannot simply post a photo you found on getty that looks likes someone who would be a good Luna. You must have swapped faces with someone, or moved one person closer to another.
- Try to post your resources, but it is not an obligation.
- Please post the actual manips behind an lj-cut. (instructions for lj-cut) preview that 300x300 or under is okay outside the cut. The preview should be PG-13 or less.
- If there is any X or rated R or NC-17 manips, PLEASE put a warning!
- Posting requests as a main post is FORBIDDEN!
- NO HOTLINKING & NO STEALING! ASK & CREDIT the maker if you want to use anything.
- Please don't link to your friends only lj/community and tell people that they have to add you/join to see your work, just post here and write that anyone is free to friend you/your Comm if you really want more friends. The Mods want to see if your post is legal without having to add you.
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